How to Ignite Your Inner High Performance Leader

Whether you are an entrepreneur leading a small team or senior management in a large corporation... the fact is that we all want to be --- rather HAVE to be – exceptional leaders to get exceptional results. Is your team getting the results you want to get? Are you known in your company as someone who making

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How to Get Real Social Media ROI

How to Get REAL Social Media ROI...If you’re a business owner, social media manager or marketer, you know social media is a powerful tool for building your business.  Choosing the strategies that will have the highest payoff for your time and money is a very important step.Boost your visibility, traffic and profits by leveraging the power

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Starting Your Business with Style and Ease

Thinking about starting a business? If you are thinking about starting a business, you probably have a million questions ping-ponging around in your mind. Good news! We talk about this topic with Virtual Assistant , Shari Landa, in this podcast.  Learn how to setup your business with style and ease... How do you pick a name for

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