How to Get REAL Social Media ROI…

If you’re a business owner, social media manager or marketer, you know social media is a powerful tool for building your business.  Choosing the strategies that will have the highest payoff for your time and money is a very important step.

Boost your visibility, traffic and profits by leveraging the power of influencers.  

Our guest, Laura Rubinstein, shares how a simple tool and your awesome content can create REAL social media ROI. 

  • How can we ensure that we are getting an ROI on our social media efforts?​
  • What makes the Social Buzz Club platform a tool every marketer and business owner should have?​
  • Can I bring my clients and tribe into the software to collectively share?


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Your awesome content (blogs, podcasts, videos, articles, infographics, tips, etc) deserves to be seen by your market (or your clients’ markets). What would be possible if you knew a dozen influencers were sharing the links to your content to their social networks? You’d get way more reach, more clicks to your site, and more leads. Right?

If you could get this visibility for clients, you have set yourself apart and can start showing a real return on investment for the work you do on social media. All you need to do is leverage the technology that allows you to bring together your own tribe of influencers and/or join other influencers in a reciprocal sharing process.

The Social Buzz Club technology allows you to do just that… collaborate for success. With this gamified content sharing platform you will have fun discovering the best content to share and enjoy the opportunity to win credits for submitting your/your client content for others to share.

Furthermore, bring your tribe together and get paid to use the platform by referring people to join you on the Social Buzz Club. It’s a great way to leverage your content, have influencers share it, and use the power of tribe marketing to grow reach, drive more traffic, and gain opportunities for more revenue.

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